Xpand 3D Glasses for Sale


This summer, for those of you who want to be able watch 3D TV at your friends or neighbors can now do so with your own pair of universal 3D glasses that can be used on any brand of 3D TV.

That’s right, irrespective of the TV brand, Xpand is preparing to commercialize 3D glasses, which allow you to watch movies on television of a different brand of the glasses. The company intends to override the main limitation of this technology: the two pairs of glasses provided by manufacturers are equipped with infrared sensors whose signals are only compatible with the corresponding TV brand.

For several years, the company Xpand is recognized as a major provider of 3D glasses to cinemas in Europe and Asia, and now it is looking to invest the retail market.

For now, Xpand has concluded an agreement with Panasonic and Vizio to offer its 3D glasses with their televisions. However, the company does not hide its ambition to market a universal model, that will be compatible with electronic equipment of various sizes and without regard to brands: the TV (using infrared), laptops, movies, etc..

The Xpand 3D glasses should be sold from 1 June 2010 in the United States, between $125 and $150 at Best Buy and Sears. A 3D glasses competitor, Gunnar Optik, is also preparing universal 3D glasses.




















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