YouTube videos in 3D


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Although still very rudimentary, YouTube has a new feature to watch some videos in 3D. The interface currently has several parameters and some visualization modes. Note that special 3D TV glasses will be needed to enjoy this technology.

For several years, Google has encouraged its engineers to use 20% of their working time (that is to say one day per week) on projects that interest them. This motivational technique has been the source of some of the most important services from Google such as Gmail, Google News, Orkut and Google Adsense. Marissa Mayer, vice president of user experience and research products even stated that 50% of new projects have their origin in 20% from those famous "free times".

The advent of 3D video on Google is also a result of this free time. One of Google engineers, Peter has developed a system of stereoscopic player to display video in three dimensions with the help of special glasses. But he argues that the project is "very recent, hence some bugs are still present," especially when the user changes the display mode



















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